Denmark Hill

The view from my window

 I had hoped that I might get some sleep on the plane last night – leaving at 9:30 pm I think I was asleep shortly after 10..but then came the food and I was awake and well, I never went back to sleep.  I finally got an hour’s nap this afternoon!  Then I had time for a walk and a few photos.  Spring is in full force here and smelling the flowers and seeing the colour is marvelous.  There’s just something about seeing the earth come alive after winter that stirs my soul!

My accomodation

I’m not here to be a photographer though – I’m here to observe the Assessment weekend that the UK Territory holds.  It was great to have time with the Principal today and the Candidates Director – my counter part in the UK.

As the College has had major renovations – this is a very comfortable place to be.

The College for Officer Training – UK

The College was named in memory of Wm Booth

Recent renovations – this was outside between buildings


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