Happy Anniversary

Thirty three years ago Wendy walked down the aisle on her Dad’s arm and into my arms!  I was nervous yet confident this was the right thing, at the right time, to the right person.  I’m still confident of all those things.  We’ve established a home, raised two boys, seen the loss of family members, laughed at family celebrations, wept in difficult days and grown more deeply in love than ever.

When you’re young you naturally feel that you’re in love – the romance is strong as Hollywood portrays.  Over time as tensions grow, finances are short, interests are different, challenges get heavier is when you prove that you’re in love.

We’ve done that a hundred times over.  We’ve watched other relationships fail, watched others decide to change partners…not us.  It isn’t that we haven’t had our moments – far from it.  What we’ve discovered is that in those moments you can push away or pull together.  You can determine to see your own side or attempt to see the other.

Not all relationships are good, not all partnerships should remain.  For those who do and flourish in each others company I can only tell you what I’ve discovered, that I am a better person today for what Wendy has brought into my life, for what she has added to who I was, who I became, who I am becoming.

So Happy Anniversary Wendy.

If I had to do it all over again I would still choose you!

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