Family photos

Me, Wendy,  Andrea,  BJ

Four photos tonight – all about family.  Some of you will know that Wendy has a brother and sister from her Dad’s second marriage.  Andrea (BJ) have another connection as BJ’s parents have been good friends of ours since before they met.  This past Sunday was the dedication of Ciara – the daughter of Steve and Val.  Steve is Wendy’s other brother.  It was good to be together as family and to share in this very important event.

It has been a while since I’ve done a dedication but I still remember the text…”in the dedication of this child you desire to give him/her back to God…”  I have the marriage ceremony committed to memory too.  But then if you do it enough it’s hard not to memorize
The Dedication of Ciara
The next photo is one I picked up from Facebook – it is of Rachel in Newfoundland as Susan had taken her to Newfoundland to visit.  She is changing so very quickly – this first year is quite exciting in the development of little ones.  Susan is on her way home tonight and I know Jason will be thrilled to have her home.
The last photo is of Phil and Amanda – a great photo – and wow do we miss them.  So this photo is just to say you (Phil and Amanda) are always on our minds and in our prayers!

Rachel – a serious look

Amanda & Phil

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