You know what I’m really like

The dialogue of 1 Chronicles 17 is amongest my favourite, human/God exchanges.  God has blessed David in an extraordinary way.  His successes are numerous, though you might also know that brought on the vengeance of a jealous Saul….however, as David becomes King and his kingdom is established as a mighty sign of God’s blessing and David’s character, David breaks into a great prayer.

He is thankful beyond measure.  The text says David went in and sat before God and prayed.  He begins “Who am I O God, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?” 1 Chronicles 17:16b

This morning that’s a bit of the thought in my mind.  This summer has been filled with blessing.  We’ve found ourselves near family again, near the familiar things that have been so much apart of our growing up years, and we’ve had this wonderful addition of a new granddaughter.  God has allowed us to have Philip and Amanda with us, and to share that joy with so many of our family who joined us for a meal.

This morning I’m sitting with my Bible looking out onto a golf course enjoying the warm breezes of South Carolina.  And I’m reading: “What more can I say to you about the way you have honoured me?   You know what your servant is really like.”  1 Chronicles 17:18

God does know the real us – who we really are.  He knows our hidden ambitions, our track record of sin, our weaknesses and our strengths.  He knows what we look at, what we hold, what we turn a blind eye to.  God is well aware of our character – and yet – He blesses.

Set that in contrast to ourselves.  We tend to look critically at others, we tend to use words that don’t build up, we tend to note the weakness of others and given a chance we’ll share our observances.  We tend to curse not bless.

That is why we need each day to remember God’s blessing and choose to bless others.

The old song we sang, “Count your blessings name them one by one” was a gentle yet needed reminder of how God’s hand is active around us.  Even at times when we don’t feel blessed by the content of our circumstances, we will often in hindsight see blessing woven into struggle.

Who am I that you have blessed me is upon my lips today.

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