From one generation to another

The kid behind the cart

 We moved to Erin Mills Corps (Mississauga, Ontario) when Jason was 3, Philip was 6 months old.  It was the first time we were able to get a Costco membership as we had a daycare connected to the church.  One of first purchases was this McD’s playstation.  It came with little french fries, burgers and buns…it was a great little drive thru playstation.

The kids loved it – especially Philip who Wendy caught one day playing with blue berries out of the fridge.  What a mess.  When they got too old for it we passed it on to Adele so that Brad and Meghan could use it.  Brad’s in University now, Meghan has finished high school and is a promising ballerina.  I guess they weren’t playing with it either.  So this weekend Adele returned it to us.

They”ve grown since we bought it

As Jason was picking up his things on Saturday he and Susan were delighted to take it home for the next generation (due in 6 weeks).  Another generation of play, another generation to prove just how quickly time goes by and how enduring plastic is!

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