The Dust has settled

The dust has settled, two party leaders have lost their seats, the Conservatives have a majority government and the entire country is entirely surprised that Jack Layton will move into Stornoway, the residence of the Leader of the Official Opposition.  By the way as of this morning Wikipedia already has Jack Layton listed as being the leader of the Opposition!
That’s an illustrtation of how the internet is moving information quickly and powerfully.  Granted it isn’t always accurate.  However, if you still had your doubts about how Canadians are using the internet to change the country, you only had to watch the results last night.  The Orange Tide is directly credited to Social Media.
Are you a participant or an observer.  Seth Godin would likely argue no one is entirely an observer – the online forces sweep you along whether you agree to be swept or not!

What will our Parliament be like?  I’m uncertain that Mr. Layton understands his role.  I heard him say he would be happy to work with the Prime Minister – but the world of minority government is over for the time being and the Conservatives no longer need the Opposition to get legislation passed.
Even further from reality seems to the be the Leader of the Green Party.  Ms May will be a lone voice without the privlege of Official Party Status.  Come question period she’ll be a silent observer most of the time.  The rules allow her opportunity to ask a single question, but only occassionally.  She might want to do what we’ve seen in AB with Mr. Sherman who uses the steps of the Legislature to engage the media.

So there it is…now hopefuly Parliament will get to work, keep the economy growing and tackle the issues of poverty, social injustice and rehabilitation for those who do not keep to the Law of the land.


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