Yellowknife Reflections

I was at the YK Shelter last night.  Dale and Jo have a regular meeting in the evening with the men staying there called “Tea with the Pastors”.  A simple table with chairs around it, a couple of pots of tea, some hot cross buns, butter and jam…and an invitation.  No one has to attend.

The men of all ages with weathered faces and hands sat smiling – big smiles – teeth missing and obvious lack “of means” they re-told with the help of Jo the Easter story.  They talked about themselves, teased each other and expressed concern for a couple of their friends having a bad day.

The staff were gentle yet firm as I watched them encourage a man too intoxicated to come in to “walk it off” and return later.  They did so with care and with the hope he would return in a better state of mind.

That’s The Salvation Army story…care, time, concern.

The the Gospel story…God’s care, His perfect time, His eternal care.

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