How do we get the worms on the hooks?

I’m in Toronto tonight.  The purpose of the visit is to join a group brought together by the Candidate’s Secretary to discuss strategy around the recruitment of people to be Salvation Army Officers.  A tough sell you might think – maybe the impossible dream.
But wait a moment…there is an upswing on the application numbers and in certain parts of the country it would seem we are seeing many more people seeking officership as a viable and honourable pursuit. The adventure of mission is not yet over…and perhaps you’re thinking you would like to be part of it.  Let us know!

I had supper Saturday night with a good friend who works with all denominations.  His bad news…there is not one denomination in Canada experiencing growth right now…has not been for a few years.  His quote “every denomination has their hot spots, but if you do the analysis it is mostly people switching churches, the sheep are just changing pastures.”  He went on to say “the only faith group growing in Canada are the Muslims…they have many more children than we do.”

His other observation.  The good news, as it were;  “There are two denominations that are poised for growth, The Pentecostals for their offer of experiential worship, and The Salvation Army for your ability to give people mission.”
We really need a wide open discussion on geting more people connected with the mission!  Got any good ideas?  How can we get the worms on the hook – to catch the fish?  Sorry to mix my metaphors!

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