Our trailer choices

Excitement is in the air.  People walking along the icy concrete sidewalks find themselves lost in thought. RVers are making their plans.  The Edmonton RV show is almost here.  I’ll be there and looking for a few new models.  Like the one my friend Les has pointed out….the Jayco Skylark…new to their line.

This was our first outing in camping…an older couple in our first congregation gave us a week at their trailer.  Jason was 6 months old and while we enjoyed the week, we probably weren’t as comfortable as we would have liked as it turned out to be a very cool week.
A couple of years later we took out a relative’s class C motorhome.  We burnt a week’s salary just getting to our destination (near Barrie from Listowel) but the weather was great and the vehicle very comfortable.
Returning to Canada from the USA
When we moved to Ottawa we decided to look again at the idea of camping and pursued the purchase of a small tent trailer.  It was a Palamino Colt.  It had no furnace, or fridge, or any other amenity save a small stove that clipped the outside of the trailer.  We eventually bought a small bar fridge and a heater/fan that kept us warm most of the time.  Of course camping in Ontario (and eastern North America) is quite different than the west.  When we came to Alberta we realize with the altitude we were in while camping the evenings were very cool.  
Around the campfire
That sent us on a search for a trailer with more amenities and geared to a giving us a more comfortable camping experience.

The campsite set up
I couldn’t believe our tow vehicle
Stopped by the roadside in Montana
Camped in Montana
We eventually settled on a Surveyor Hybrid.  Since then we’ve visited Vancouver Island, Washington State, Idaho, British Columbia, and Montana.  We’ve driven from Calgary into northern Ontario and all across Alberta.  It is a great trailer – light enough to tow using our van, which is by the way a great tow vehicle.  The Uplander has a 3.9 L engine which gives us 240hp and a lengthy wheelbase.  Not everyone agrees with this choice of vehicle but we’ve found it to be good.  It tows through the mountains with ease, across the plains with confidence.
I’ll look forward to heading to the RV show – not that we’re really thinking about replacing our
190 T – but I’m always interested in what new features are available.  Are you attending?  Will you be going to another RV show?

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