35 Guild Hall Drive

Since I was driving in Scarborough, on my way to THQ, last week I decided to visit 35 Guild Hall Drive…what was the quarters for Scarborough Citadel when we were there 1969 to 1974.  It seemed so small…actually tiny is the word that came to mind!

I know new houses are much bigger with greater features but even our home in Edmonton, which seems small, is much bigger than this little house.

So as I looked around the neighbourhood I thought about all the things in my memory that are part of looking at this house.  This is where we lived when I got my driver’s licence, where I learned to drive.  This is the house we lived in when I became a Senior Soldier.  This is the house we lived in when I decided to leave home and stay behind in Ontario while my parents headed off to Newfoundland.

So many memories in the neighbourhood too.  I remember riding my bike – walking to school, going to work for the first time.  I was 17 when we left in 1974.  It was time when gas cost 65 cents a gallon (that’s 4.5 ltrs) and I was happy to be making $1.80/hour working at the pharmacy.

Where were you in 1974?


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