Balloon Animals

Our garden has produced some bright Black-eyed Susan’s this year!  I love that plant – it is one of the last to flower in our garden.  It arrives as the last of the daisies die off.

We were back to the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market this morning, and for most of the morning it was relatively warm.  This fellow was making balloon animals – he worked steadily, child and after child with dozens of different coloured balloons in the pouch on his side.  The was very talented and I thought…could you imagine sitting at home practising?

Tonight we were off to Bruce and Louise’s home – just north of us.  Bruce showed me his recently restored 1969 Ford Pick-up…a brillant yellow with a high gloss and 408hp under the hood.  NICE!

We were there to welcome Steve and Danielle and family.  I am looking forward to their contribution to the division and to Edmonton.

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