Managing your online presence

I’ve had the question put to me, “are you on line all day?”  Well the real answer is no, and yes.  With a blog, accounts on facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Plaxo, BlogCatalogue, last fm, Picaso, iTunes,, and two email addresses I guess I have alot invested on line.  However you don’t have to be always on line – or at least worried about watching every move around your accounts.  There are other things to do in this world!

I use two simple tools to help me, and organize my time carefully around when I’m actually on line.  First I use Tweetdeck – this run behind my other software, like my Lotus Notes account that manages my email, calendar, to do list, contacts and meetings.  It monitors Facebook and Twitter and brings them to me.  I run 8 different feeds through it freeing me to be doing other things.  Secondly I use Google Reader – it brings me the 61 blogs that I follow and presents them in a preview mode so that I don’t need to read every blog unless I see something, or someone, that catches my interest.

Last fm automatically updates when I plug my iPod into the computer.  Again – the automatic updates to the podcasts comes to the iPod and then it scrobbles my music to last fm.

Some people think this all takes a long time.  That’s the point of this wonderful software – it does not need to.  That being said, it is easy to spend hours on the computer if you aren’t careful.  In my case I just don’t have that much time.  Thankfully software continues to help manage the world of information that floods are lives!

Oh, did I mention that I manage this off my BlackBerry on the road?

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