Things I’ve done

Amanda, our sweet daughter*in*love, just posted things she would like to do…so as I’m a little further down the proverbial garden path I thought I would list some of the things I’ve done!

* dived off a cliff (50 feet off the water) * met and spoken with 10 of the 18 Generals of The Salvation Army (Clifton, Larsson, Gowans, Rader, Tillsley, Burrows, Wahlstrom, Wiseman, Brown, Coutts) * created a blog (running since 2005) * had several articles published * had several photographs published * lived in 5 of Canada’s 10 provinces * visited all 10 Provinces and 3 Territories * visited UK, USA, Jamaica * had two children * married 31…almost 32 years * driven a truck * driven a car * driven a bike * driven a scooter * grown a mustache * had hair down to my shoulders (yes!) * made a pie from scratch * baked a cake * attended the opera * attended the ballet * attended live theatre * sang a song in a theatre production * sang a solo * learned to play a brass instrument * learned to play a guitar * stayed awake over 30 hours * fixed a car engine (on my own) * made a table from wood * driven to Canada’s most westerly point * driven to Canada’s most easterly point * sold shoes for a living * worked in a photography shop * kept a government secret (still have – signed a confidentiality agreement) * held a person’s hand while they died * helped pick up a dead body * led a funeral * led a marriage ceremonry * told a person their son was dead * told a man his wife was dead * planned a large event * read the Bible from cover to cover * failed a french course (languages don’t come easy to moi) * climbed a mountain * drank from the water of a glacier * slept on the side of a mountain * never broken a bone in my body * stood on the shore of Hudson Bay * flown across northern Canada * been to Alaska *  bought a brand new car * bought “a beater” * swam across a lake * given my life to God *

Of course there are still things I want to do as well, but that’s a different list!

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