Welcome to Mr. Green

Excuse my absence from the blog…yes, there’s been scheduled posts but I have been personally absent. But after a week’s illness I am back in the saddle and feeling human again. It’s been a long time since I have been that ill. I’ve done a lot of sleeping over the past few days. As one…

The Bride’s Dad has some excellent words

I realize this is two You Tube videos in two days but having seen this I wanted to share it.  I didn’t have any girls to give away on a wedding day but if I did I think it would sound very much like this!

Floating Lanterns

I’ve never been to a wedding, or any other gathering for that matter that did this? It was amazing – if not a bit scary – to see 80 plus lanterns go sailing off over all those wood buildings! No fear though – no fires were reported.  Yet .