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New BBQ – the Travel Q

I don’t often post what we’ve bought – I just think it isn’t a good idea.  However on Saturday we were at the Toronto RV show and picked up a great portable BBQ.  We’ve been looking for a while and had some definite idea about what we wanted.  We wanted something we could have at the trailer so it needed to be portable yet we also wanted it to be on a stand.

So here’s a view of what we got – the Travel Q.

The grill is cast iron so it will last and the Q shaped burner is replaceable for $8.  We also got with it (no extra cost) the attachment to allow us to use a full size propane tank.  The quality is very good and the design is smart.


Improve your wifi reception at an RV park

The weather is getting warmer!  And you know what that means?  Those of us with RV’s are thinking about our trailers and summer weather.  We’re starting to dream about flushing out the anti-freeze and giving everything a good washing down.

I’m also thinking about some of the challenges of RV life – ’cause despite the comforts of home being right there, there are a few adaptations that we need to make.  Here’s a dandy little video into creating better Wifi reception!