The garden is in

Monday night I got the garden ready…and poof within in minutes the plants looked like they were already growing! This year we’ve planted brussel sprouts, tomatoes (of course) and cherry tomatoes (Wendy’s favourite), red peppers and butternut squash. ¬†Here’s one garden – we have two locations this year!

Mount Pleasant Cemetery – Remembrance

Major Doreen Sturge shares the Scripture reading Norm sings a solo Wreathes are laid Major Max Sturge speaks to the crowd Wendy and her Dad The Memorial for the Empress of Ireland My grandfather’s name listed as officers buried elsewhere Yesterday afternoon Salvationists gathered at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery to remember those who lost their…

Crawling commando style

We had a wonderful Mother’s Day! How blessed we feel to be close again to family. I sure have missed this closeness. Rachel is becoming more and more mobile – though she’s not quite into crawling she does have her own way of getting around! ¬†