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I was looked through my portable hard drive today and came across this photo. It is from 2006 which I took in the spring. These are Bohemium Waxwings and are a most beautiful bird. They fly in packs – almost like a swarm of flies but of course their pack is much larger. They have the most appealing way of coming to a tree and landing almost in unison in all the branches. They love the berries of the mountain ash and will clean a tree off in a few moments heading off to find another as quickly as they arrived.

This is not one of my best photos but they don’t sit still long so I was quite happy to do this well.


Calgary moment with Dave

During our recent visit to Calgary I had the good fortune to drop in on my friend Dave and his lovely wife Noelle.  If there were ever two generous and good people these would be them.  They love to welcome you into their beautiful home set on a man made lake in Calgary.  You can walk out from the back of the house down the steps right to Dave’s dock.  The lake, stocked with trout, attract many water birds and other animals.

On the day of my visit I watched an Osprey dive from the sky and grab a trout only to be pursued by another Osprey wishing for the meal to be shared.  There were ducks and loons swimming about giving you the feeling you were somewhere in northern Ontario.

Dave and I met at Rotary in Calgary and after many conversations and more than a couple of golf games Dave came to a place where he felt he wanted to experience the peace of God for himself.  I’ve watched Dave grow in his awareness of God and he’s never without questions – he’s a naturally inquistive man – and each time we meet I sense God is leading him along life’s bumpy road.

Dave is a great gardener and a lovely story teller.  When we had General Gowans in Calgary in 2006 we took the Gowans to have lunch with Dave and Noelle in their lovely backyard.

Three Amigos

Here’s a tip of the hat to succession of leadership – of course the women are missing and they are equal partners so I tread carefully – but here’s myself, Eddie and John.

Our appointments to Glenmore Temple with our wives Wendy, Genevera and Donna span from 2000 to the present.

If only Larry and Velma had been around we could have got a photo spanning 1995 to present…next Congress perhaps.

It was good to be together in Mississauga and to enjoy the company of fellow believers, fellow Salvationists!