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Happy 90th birthday

My Mom comes from a family of girls – well not all girls – there is one brother, but when there are five sisters it seems like it is a family of girls. I grew up with my grandmother and aunts! Along the way, uncles joined the family – John, Don, Richard, Ray, I watched them build and repair around the cottage, join us for family occasions like Christmas. They were all so very different from one another. But I always enjoyed their being around.

The eldest of my aunts is Eileen – though I grew up knowing her as Bubs. She has now had her 90th birthday and below she is pictured with my Mom and Aunt Freda. She’s also in the B&W photo with my grandmother and all the sisters. She’s the tallest with the big fluffy hat. She was always one to dress (and drive) with style.  I remember her red Impala convertible – with white leather interior. The next car (a couple of years later) it was a white Impala convertible with a red leather interior!

So now she’s 90 years of age and still living on her own. Happy birthday Bubs!


Happy 50th Leanne

Happy birthday to the girl that really changed our family. Leanne, you may or may not know was adopted by our Mom and Dad. She was 4 months, I was 10 years old. I could not have been more thrilled. You would have thought I had gotten a puppy!

From day one I took up the role as big brother as I rocked, fed, changed diapers, took her for walks and “babysat”. As she grew older we went tobogganing, rode bikes, played basketball (though that didn’t go so well) and generally spent much time together. Likely I carry most of those memories. We live a long way apart now and the years have added to the distance, but Leanne will always be that intelligent, determined, articulate child who changed the family forever.

Happy birthday Jason

Another celebration for our family has arrived. With the dawning of the sun we remember how January 19th, 1984 unfolded. Wendy was booked for surgery and after a bit of a delay a warm small bundle was laid in my arms – warm and tight-fisted with eyes shut tight and a reasonable desire to stay asleep – I looked upon our first born. Later in the day we really settled on the name Jason David Waters.

I’m not sure how anyone else’s journey was but I remember feeling rather intimidated and frankly alone! Wendy and Jason stayed in the hospital and I went home to a dark house to contemplate what it meant to be a father. Could I be a good father? Would I make the right decisions? 
I discovered what every new father before and since has, that the role is dependent upon the relationship. 
So today we celebrate 32 years for Jason and his family – now expanded – and thank God for his good heart and mind. We thank God for his journey and trust God to continue to lead and provide in ways that will not always appear immediately to any of us but are more real than we imagine.
Happy birthday Jason.