Am I racist?

Amanda’s gift to me at Christmas, I’m Still Here, by Austin Channing Brown caused me to pay it forward. I bought a copy for each of my direct leads and asked them to read through in preparation for a discussion. After having to reschedule our discussion today we met after lunch and spent an hour…

Boxes and memories

The work continues. I think we’re around 100 boxes to-date. It also is purging time for us. I’ve taken quite a bit of stuff to the thrift store as they are open. I’ve made sure that anything electronic works and donated items are clean. If you’re donating to a thrift store this is very helpful….

Happy birthday Amanda

She’s smart, caring, a great Mom AND she’s having a birthday today! Happy birthday to Amanda, the daughter we never had! We love you. Admire your faith in Jesus and we’re looking forward to being neighbours.