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Redeeming the time

Has there ever been a person who didn’t look forward to a restful vacation? Perhaps there has been but it wasn’t me, at least not this year! I could hardly wait!

Our trailer continues to age and each year I open it up in spring while holding my breath! Will the roof be leaking? Will the fridge start? Will the propane system be safe?

We are well into summer 2017 and enjoying our getaway spot. Here’s a few photos to make you wish you were with us!

Summer is a wonderful time! Join us at the lake….



Google Hangout

We sure miss our kids but we’re very glad for technology that lets us see them and hear them! Tonight they were very active and happy!

We had a wonderful chat and Beth has very talkative – well as talkative as a 6 month old can be!

Twins in the Waters family – who would have thought?!

Waters/Webb gathering

Someone asked me yesterday what the relationship is between Marilyn and myself.  The answer: we have the same grandfather.  There’s so much more to the story on on my blog you’ll find part of the story here.

Yesterday Marilyn and Ron hosted a lovely gathering of our families – of course we were not all there but many were and we were treated to a lovely roast beef dinner!  Wonderful veggies – tender beef – tasty desserts!  We were spoiled.

Here’s a few photos to tell the rest of the story.

Not all but much of the Waters/Webb clan

3 Webbs 3 Waters

The next generation

And then there’s Cath….