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Great Biblical preaching

I’ve sat under many corps officers. Some young, some older, some well educated and some not as much.  I have never sat under a better preacher than Lt Scott Allen. Hie preparation is obviously well developed and his maturity, energy and presentation really make him a good speaker.

Biblical teaching is alive and well where he is on the platform.

I just wanted to record my appreciation.



Love Letters from God – Dr Larry Crabb

Dr. Larry Crabb is one of my favourite authors.  He has quite a way with words.  A couple of years ago he wrote a book entitled 66 Love Letters where he summed up in a concise post-resurrection manner the 66 books of the Bible to descibe all the ways in which God told the story of His love for us.  It was worth the read.

Here’s one of the quotes from out of the book: “In the world you now inhabit, communion with Me is not defined by an experience of Me.  Nor does it depend on blessings from Me.  To really live is to release My Son’s life through yours, in any circumstance, no matter what you feel, to relate as He related, giving when no one gives back, loving when no one returns love, forgiving when no one deserves forgiveness, suffering in the place of those who should suffer.”

Dr. Crabb was interviewed on Crossroads about this book several times and here is one of the great interviews in relation to it:

Dr. Leonard Sweet at Tyndale

Today was an inspiring day under the ministry and teaching of Dr. Leonard Sweet.  He’s a professor, a futurist, an author, a theologian and a great speaker.  He spoke for three hours without notes (I assume he’s done this address before).  And he had all of us in the auditorium completely engaged.  I was writing notes and putting some of it up on twitter.

You can get a taste of Leonard’s teaching and brilliance on this You Tube video.  You will also get a taste of where he lives and his study.  If you get a chance to read his books or hear him in person let me recommend you take up the opportunity to grow and learn.