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Off to Willow Creek

Willow Creek is a name known to all pastors….well most pastors.  It was described by a friend of mine as Disneyland for pastors!  We’ll see for ourselves shortly.  This is the Global Leadership Summit and is an international event.  We’ve been invited to attend as a guest of Willow Creek Canada.

Congregational ministry is still our great love and to see if there are tools that can be used to strengthen it is important.

I’ve also just picked up a copy of Os Guinness’ book “the last christian on earth” (2010) and while the title doesn’t give it the appeal of an encouraging book about ministry I am looking forward to the insights gained.

We’ve been using the “lifecycle of a church” with congregations to help them understand the normal life of a congregation and to address the reasons for decline.  It is always interesting to me to see the leadership of a congregation light up as they work through this exercise.


Corps Ministries Department’s latest corps resource

Every church needs resources and our department has got them.  Some churches look for training manuals or books for greeters and ushers, some are looking for name tags to identify their volunteers.  We think that anyone could provide those things – that’s not what really is needed.

No we are now prepared to offer what you really!  Mint gum!  That’s right, nice mint gum to give all those volunteers fresh breath.  Now you can save your visitors and guests from being chased off by stale coffee breath or worse, haven’t brushed in three days breath!

This could become the next trend in church growth tools.  So get your order in now!