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JPCC bound

There are two Territorial events on this week – one on the Divisional side, one on the Territorial side of JPCC.  So today is cut the grass, clean the van, grab some groceries, pack the suitcase.

That’s it.

Not too exciting is it?

But up at JPCC are alot of excited people.  Watch for some posts from Cabin 19 this – that will be home for me.

btw…I see we are welcoming following 97 and 98!  Welcome to my blog.  But who will be #100?!!


Welcome to The Peddles

Thanks to our friend Joanne, who took us out for supper tonight to a lovely Italian restaurant…Amore!

Last evening we eagerly gathered at the Jackson’s Point Conference Centre to witness the official welcome and Installation of our new Territorial Leaders, Commissioners Brian and Rosalie Peddle.  Of interest to us all was that General Linda Bond, a Canadian, was here to officiate.  Everyone seemed especially pleased to have the Peddles home, and to share in the event.  The Canadian Staff Band and the Divisional Youth Chorus were on hand to provide excellent music.

Wendy and I have known the Peddles for many years and are thrilled to have them in this role – for such a time as this!

Lining up for the BBQ

The Ladies lead the way

Got to appreciate a man with a camera

Hamburgs and Tube Steaks

DYC sings

General Bond addresses the crowd

The General installs the Peddles

Under the canopy

Friends at Jackson’s Point

A week ago I was in Toronto for some meetings…well, actually I was at Jackson’s Point Conference Centre.  That’s a place that I’ve stayed at dozens of times down through the years.  The first time was at a Church Growth Conference …yeah, we use to hold conferences and talk about how we could help our churches (corps) grow.  I’ve been there as a young Lieutenant – I’ve been there as a young Captain slowly understanding my place in The Army and my place in the world.  I’ve been there in times of spiritual retreat,  I’ve been there when I’ve wanted to run away.  I’ve been there for serious discussions and serious fun.  I’ve been there on holidays when we stayed at one of the cottages on the grounds and sat on the warm sand down at the lake.  I’ve walked on the lake when it was frozen and counted the fishing huts within sight.

Last week there were young officers at JPCC too – they were there as part of their officership journey, part of their growing in leadership.

I was a few minutes late arriving for supper and I spied Lynda W. sitting at a far table.  She had a seat open beside her and she waved me over.  Lynda came to The Army when we were at Glenmore Temple – was saved (she found forgiveness through Jesus) and eventually made application to be an Army Officer!  I was delighted to see her.  As we chatted a number of other young officers came over to say hello and we hugged and were chatting.  When I sat down Lynda turned to me and said: “do you know everyone in The Salvation Army?”

Sometimes it seems like that – I know a lot of people.  But then I’ve been in TSA all my life as were my parents.  Yes I know lots of people and it’s a good feeling.  It’s like being in a very large family.  I can go to any city in this country and have a good connection!

If you were there last week – it was great to see you!