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She loves the water

Rachel has proven to be a real water baby – whether in the tub, pool or lake she LOVES it!  We are hoping to get out to the beach again soon.

A recent family gathering had her in her little pool – here’s a short video to simply record her lovely smile and her desire to applaud!


Family Reunion 2012


Sunday was a great day of celebration as our family was together…well almost all the family…for a great reunion.  It’s been ten years since Leanne, Cath and I have been together.  We’ve talked on the phone – sent emails – but being together is different.  And what made the day so great was being able to sit, chat, eat together, spend time at the beach…a very enjoyable day.

We prayed for Philip and Amanda who we wished were with us too!

The Cake

A moment of unhappiness – but it never lasts long

Two sisters and their big brother