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MA (Political Science)

download_20190528_125122It’s a milestone, an achievement, an accomplishment that required lots of hard work, struggles through financial strains, many long days of reading and research and writing but today Jason convocated receiving his Master of Arts degree in Political Science.

When we brought Jason home from the hospital in January of 1984 we were overwhelmed with the responsibility that was suddenly ours – I was frankly scared! Over the years we’ve watched him learn to talk, walk, run – all the things kids learn to do. We were there when he rode his bike without training wheels, graduated from elementary school, went off to Australia for a year, moved to Peace River and the etc which makes up the past 15 or more years.

Jason has always had some things in common with his brother Philip – they are both smart! I know you would expect a father to say that, but it is true. Jason was reading books as a teenager that most adults would struggle with. He had some incredibly strong writing skills and he enjoyed working hard.

Philip enjoyed the whole outdoors, while Jason preferred sitting in the shade reading a book.

I have a memory that is very fresh though now 35 years old. Our first summer as parents we rented a trailer for a week. I took some of my books with me and sat in a folding chair under the trailer awning and read out loud to this six-month-old CS Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I’ve often wondered if the reading out loud at early ages helped develop that love of reading.

Today we celebrate Jason – who is now an adult with three of his own children.

Congratulations Jason!  Well done. We love you.


He’s a grad

On the porch in Listowel

A few days we’ll be heading to St. John’s to celebrate the convocation of Jason – I was reflecting on the changes to our family, the joys and challenges, and I thought somehow these pictures help to summarize my thoughts – maybe more my feelings. Where has the time gone?   We’re very proud of Jason and his accomplishments and pleased we can celebrate with him and his family.

At CFOT just before Cath’s wedding

A visit from Cath, Terry, Noah and Laura

Jason and Susan with their family