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For no real reason

Last Saturday I happened to be at THQ and wondered out of the building to get a couple shots from the front. We sit on Overlea Blvd. in a rather appropriate spot as it straddles two very different neighbourhoods – one very wealthy and one quite needy.20160910_182827As I was taking this photo I hear the sirens of fire trucks – four in all in the end – coming across the bridge. The EMS vehicles need to pass our corner often due to the valley that is across the street. So I changed my phone to record video and here it is.  Why? For no real reason. But it seemed bloggable!




Visiting our EMT

Yesterday we took a drive to where Phil is serving as an EMT – we got to visit the Fire Hall (which is on one side of the street) and then to see the EMS station and the ambulance Phil works on.  And yes – that’s me with the jaws of life!!

It was thrilling to see the location, his ambulance, to hear him tell about the equipment, drugs and procedure.  He’s worked very hard to get this far and we’re very proud of him!

Seeing Phil in this setting is reminder of how indebted we all are to those who serve to keep us safe…and when we aren’t to come to our aid.  Phil and Amanda have made many sacrifices to get to this point.  By the way…if you’re in trouble it won’t be me coming with to the rescue – so relax!