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Things that bring back memories

In case you’re wondering – it’s the scout camp on Green Bay – and if you peer through the mist of Lake Cecebe you can see a white boathouse across the bay…that was the Eastland cottage. If I seem a bit obsessed with this place it is because some of my greatest childhood memories were here….and well, memories are a wonderful thing!

At the top of the post, you’ll see a photo of my Nanny Eastland with her daughters – all five of them. The cottage is where they all went on vacation and I was there – all summer with them and their families. My uncle Jim and I use to take the boat across the bay and catch garter snakes at the scout camp as it seemed deserted most of the summer. Lots of memories here… and yes even as I type this I’m smiling!

So what summer memories do you have?


See the green roof

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Here’s the small rural concession road that runs past what was Morrison’s – a small general store and marina – the building by the water with the green roof was where my Nanny (grandmother) use to park her ’55 Cadillac before we walked down to the dock, got the boat loaded up and headed to Green Bay and the cottage. I always looked forward to Morrison’s and what was really great was looking at the fishing gear, pocket knives and the chocolate bars!  I remember buying a fairly long straight knife that came in a really “cool” leather sheaf that I could put on my belt. I still have it.

These photos will mean little to you perhaps, but to me they represent some very happy days. What is a happy memory for you?