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It’s just one of those pictures

cofI was at our conference centre this week to discuss some matters and we decided, as it was quiet there, to sit by the fire for our meeting. I had to take a picture.

I have always hoped, though the likelihood of this is slim, to have a fireplace in our retirement home.  I can’t think of anything I like better in a home. We’ve not had many in our years of moving about but when we did I greatly appreciated both the warmth and the light of a fireplace.

So on this day, while the meeting was productive, the fire was ssoooooo delightful!


Business in Bermuda


For the next few days we are in Bermuda to lead some divisional meetings.  The timing of this event is amazing as Shawn and Brenda lead the people through a fascinating study.

We of course appreciate the timing in escaping a few days of winter!  So here’s a few photos of some of the sites!

Local bird

A small crab hiding from the low tide
A very white sandy beach

West End Corps


North Street – Hamilton
A typical road