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New BBQ – the Travel Q

I don’t often post what we’ve bought – I just think it isn’t a good idea.  However on Saturday we were at the Toronto RV show and picked up a great portable BBQ.  We’ve been looking for a while and had some definite idea about what we wanted.  We wanted something we could have at the trailer so it needed to be portable yet we also wanted it to be on a stand.

So here’s a view of what we got – the Travel Q.

The grill is cast iron so it will last and the Q shaped burner is replaceable for $8.  We also got with it (no extra cost) the attachment to allow us to use a full size propane tank.  The quality is very good and the design is smart.


Hiding and seeking at the trailer

Father & daughter

We had a wonderful Saturday out at the trailer with Jason, Susan and Rachel.  It was warm and sunny – and Rachel was her usual happy, active self.  With a BBQ planned for supper and the trailer all set up these days to welcome guests we have time for just being together.

We took a walk down to the playground….not that it couldn’t use some upgrades but that’s another post…and Rachel just loves the swing!

Rachel, Susan and Jason

We’ve been playing hide and seek with her for a few months now (I type that like she’s ten years old…!) and it was fun to see her decide to try and play hide and seek with us!  Below she is hiding from me behind her Dad’s leg!  I think she’s going to have a good sense of humour.

She was also trying to imitate some of the sounds of her “barnyard friends”…we’ll capture that on a video which I’ll post in the next day or so.

Father’s Day and we’re missing Philip and Amanda…but glad they are doing well if not very busy with school, work and life.

Rachel playing hide & seek
Hiding from me

The peeking

The laughing!