A wrinkle in my time

Every once in a while something happens. I find that often it isn’t something really planned but given the right space, the right individuals, and the right circumstances, it all comes together so as to form just the right moment.

I was watching the movie, a wrinkle in time, and while the correlation isn’t nearly perfect enough to warrant a parallel title, it seemed appropriate to me for my story.

Sunday evening was for me a wrinkle in time. We’ve been joining Phil, Amanda, and the kids for supper on Sunday nights which is a real treat. This past Sunday evening “the littles” as Carlyle calls them, were a bit unsettled and grumpy and so it wasn’t long before they were upstairs on their beds for a story and “cuddles”.

Wendy and I stayed in the living room with Carlyle where she continues to amaze us with her youthful wisdom and smarts. She is such a remarkable kid!

When Phil and Amanda joined us Carlyle went off to bed and we just sat and talked and talked and talked… it was quiet, comfortable and well, “just right”.

You know just right? Like when Goldilocks tries the hot porridge, then the cold porridge, the porridge that is….”just right”. Or the too-hard chair, then the too soft chair only to find…” the just right” chair. And of course the beds… you get it.

Well, Sunday night it was “just right”.

It was warm in the house, we had had a great supper and here we were, four adults with so many ties in life and such interest and love for each other sitting and talking like friends. It is for me a moment in time I will cherish and hope for many more.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Sounds like a perfect day with a perfect ending

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