A symbol or sign

I was looking at the cross on top of the chapel building at Kingswood University yesterday, and as the sun was setting I grabbed this shot with my phone. (Aren’t these phone amazing?) The cross on top of the building on top of a tall building (usually a church) on top of a great hill was the norm for a very long time in Canada. Today you’re more likely to find a civic building or hospital on a hill within a city now.
But as I looked at the cross I thought about the fact that the cross here is a symbol. It’s a famous symbol often referred to as the universal symbol of Christianity. But it isn’t a symbol that our world needs, what they need is a sign. In fact people are looking for signs. Jesus was asked to provide a sign that he was the Messiah.
But what are the people of today looking for? Is it a sign that the earth is cooling? Is it a sign that wars are less? Or is it a sign that life has meaning and purpose? Many of us would argue that this hunger for purpose is man’s constant pursuit, and often the one thing man (that is men and women) struggle to find.
So if I’m a Christian the thing that the community needs is a sign incarnate.  People are looking for someone to tell their story of finding and enjoying personal, internal peace.  People are looking for a sign that there’s more to this life than eating. sleeping and working. As people of faith we are that sign.
So when I see this symbol I am reminded that far above any architectural point in the community is my life, lived as a member of the Kingdom of God.

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