Predictions for 2014

I’ve enjoyed taking time to lay down some thoughts about what will or at least may happen in the coming year and by the looks of the traffic to last year’s posting it seems I should probably give you my insights into the coming year.

So here they are:

  • let’s start again this year with the Royal family…in 2014 Prince Harry will announce his engagement
  • in matters closer to home the Senate scandal will continue to haunt the government and details of wrong doing will surface within parliament itself
  • Mayor Rob Ford will continue to struggle and will indeed run for office but be unsuccessful in his bid to mayor for another term
  • in economics our dollar will continue to slide from it’s current home of about 94 cents (against the USD) and will spend most of 2014 near 90 cents.
  • two babies – twins will arrive in March – around the 19th – to Jason and Susan….no predictions on names though that wouldn’t be cool….
  • Wendy and I will make two trips to Alberta and two trips to Newfoundland in the coming year
  • Amanda will graduate with her Masters degree and we will all celebrate with her!
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs will not win the Stanley Cup (again) but will make a good run in the playoffs
  • We will enjoy three weeks of sun and relaxation at the trailer spending much time relaxing on Lake Simcoe

So that’\s my predictions for the coming year.  Here’s the link to posts from previous years that relate to predictions for the coming year.

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