Talking under the door

A couple of weeks ago Wendy was in her sewing room which is on the main floor.  She had been working on a project that requires quite a bit of concentration and so she had closed the door to be alone for a bit.  Rachel loves to visit her in her sewing room which is at times fine, but there are sharp things that could hurt Rachel so when Wendy’s concentrating and can’t really keep a close eye on Rachel then the door stays shut.

I happened to be upstairs and saw Rachel heading to Wendy’s sewing room and with my BlackBerry grabbed this short video.  The BlackBerry isn’t the best video recorded especially when the light is dim but the video captures Rachel’s strong desire to be with Grandma on the other side of the door and her chatter to let her Grandma know what it is she would like.

Here’s a couple of minutes of Rachel trying to talk to her Grandma – if you listen carefully you can hear Wendy responding from behind the closed door.

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