Dad would be 80 years of age

Dad, Ida, Bill
Me and Dad

Eighty years ago in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Arthur Edward Waters was born to his Salvation Army parents.  They had been married in Ottawa (at the Gladstone Corps) in January of 1930 and shortly after moved to northern Ontario.  What many people didn’t (don’t) know is that Dad had a half-brother and sister who were much older than him.  I didn’t know Bill until I was married though Ida (and Chuck) were better known to me. Ida’s children live in Guelph today but Bill’s family remains unknown to me.  Here are Dad, Ida and Bill – this photo would be from around 1980 if my guess is correct.

Dad and Mom in Bermuda

Another favourite photo of mine with Dad holding me – in Calgary I would guess – excuse my poor memory I was one.

And finally Dad and Mom at the end of a bad day!

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